About this Site.

This site contains much that is satire and false information, nothing here should be taken too seriously. It is a site discussing a fictional Steampunk world based upon a completely impossible alternative history. Nothing about that is real...

The Victorian Scientific Romances such as “The War of the Worlds”, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” or “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” were written in a time quite different from our own. Social attitudes and values were most definitely unlike modern thinking.

While the new rewards brought by industrialisation could be seen by some as a force for good there were also inevitable social costs, particularly amongst the poor. Imperialist expansion brought great prosperity at home but also caused immense harm in other parts of the world.

The alternative world of Steampunk should not turn away from the darker side of the “Victorian” world of it’s origins.

There will be two main narratives on this site which I will attempt to keep separate. To do this I will use different fonts and colours to help distinguish them but depending on your computer browser settings that may or may not work..

There will be articles written as if  "in character" from the perspective of that imagined world. Please consider them as a satirical poke at the attitudes, morals and philosophies of an age long passed. ( These should appear in a mechanical style, black typewriter face like this. )

There will also be notes and information written from my own perspective describing how things have been done, talking about events and sometimes explaining aspects of that imagined or historical age. ( These should appear in a handwritten style font in brown ink as you hopefully see here. )

Links of both types should show up in blue. and Notes may occasionally be accessed by following the linked blue asterisks *

As I write this introduction, I realise that such an undertaking could become like a waltz across a minefield. I indend to make that journey without stepping on anyone's feelings and hopefully causing offence to nobody, but I  realise that I may take some false steps along the way. I hope you will  forgive me such failings and read this site in the light hearted spirit that it is created in. For all the brilliance brought by the Industrial  revolution and gas lit Victorian age there were also some very deep shadows. Here we will walk in both the light and the darkness.

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Everything on this site is best taken with a Pinch of Salt.